Creating user-focused websites.

A lot of questions can be answered with one simple question back: What does your target user think?

Sometimes, it's all in the detail; are the messages clear? Can a user easily identify actions, are preferred actions a bit more obvious? Sometimes it's the bigger picture; the website loads too slow, everything is the same size font and colour so there's no way to skim or figure out what's on the page, there are ads popping up first so the content the user wants is being buried... user experience in short is the sum of a bunch of parts.

Creating a great user experience goes beyond just making things look pretty. We look at how things work; can it be streamlined, is it annoying? At what points do brows furrow and the task just gets abandoned because it's too complicated? The end goal is to create something that engages the user, but doesn't require a lot of thinking.

How we help improve the user experience and interface

  • We listen to what you want the user to do.
    Understanding what goals you have helps us advise on how things can be improved so those goals are met.
  • We tell you where things don't make sense.
    Often, being too close to a project means you understand things that a new brain won't. 
  • We identify areas for improvement and suggest changes.
    We also explain why we think it doesn't work.