We hope the web makes the world a better place.

It hurts us when we talk to non-profits who have received a subpar service; been sold software that doesn't meet their needs, or a website that makes us cringe. It obviously doesn't physically hurt us, but because non-profits goals are usually to make the world a better place, we find it sad when they're taken advantage of. Funds that could go towards achieving their missions are spent instead on something not fit for purpose.

So we do something about it. 

Ape Alliance

Reaper Enterprises supports the Ape Alliance by providing not just its website, but also hosting, online performance analysis, e-newsletter help and ongoing consultation services. Why? Not because we're paid to, but because we believe in their cause; that to save our planet, the Apes and the rainforest, we collectively need to provide education and informative resources. 


Clients who have been with us since 2000 will remember we started out in Chobham. In thanks to the community who fostered a new enterprise, Reaper Enterprises provides an online community for Chobham residents. In addition to the online community, we host the website and provide email services for those wanting an @chobham.net email address.